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October 1, 2012 / melissaeverett

Inspiration: The London Olympics

The Olympics were dazzling during the athletic performances, and Olympic Park in London remains dazzling with wildflowers and stunning urban park design, thanks to a commitment to green infrastructure including porous pavement and abundant rain gardens.  What other Olympic site has its own Biodiversity Action Plan?

We need to learn more about the creative professionals behind these efforts – and where they’re going next!

August 7, 2012 / melissaeverett

Deeper than Water – Movie, Center, Idea

Deeper than Water is an engaging short documentary about the world water crisis and the work of the Columbia Water Center, which has the mission of creating solutions to the world’s water crisis.
We in the Hudson Valley are developing our regional sustainability plan and seriously prospecting for visionary projects and strategies to keep our home place secure and beautiful.


Wonder whether the Columbia Water Center needs a nearby set of sites for demonstration projects showcasing sustainable water management and watershed restoration methods?








October 30, 2011 / melissaeverett


Water management in New York’s Hudson Valley represents a very large portion of our economy, employing hundreds of degreed experts and thousands of workers.  This is one of the world’s greatest talent pools for holistically improving water quality and achieving water excellence in a river valley region.  Today, water controversies and challenges abound, from desalination to the impacts of natural gas drilling.  At the same time, the Hudson’s resurgence as a clean, biologically vibrant river has created a platform for new green jobs in the maritime, infrastructure and water quality industries. This transformation has also defined the Hudson Valley as a magnet region for clean water expertise.

How could we transform this latent network into an economic asset with high leverage for the region?  How can the creative pursuit of water innovation and stewardship be  a more powerful driver for best practices in the truly sustainable management of water?  This site explores these questions.